January 22, 2017 - A. V. Rauf

To Him Who Sits on the Throne

Daniel 2:20-21—-20 Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are His: 21 And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding…

It is now official: There has been a change in the administration of the the most powerful nation in the world and we have a new president. My purpose for writing the following is not to debase or debunk previous leaders and/or favor/disfavor political parties. However, I will clearly look at this through the lense of Scripture and the times we are living in. If there is any ought against what you read, I invite to go to the source of this: The Word of God.

Prior to the return of Jesus Christ, there has always been a war between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of darkness. Truth has always be combatted with deception. It goes without saying that this battle has been ever escalating and will increase even more.

1 Timothy 2:1-4— I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; 2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. 3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; 4 Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

This mandate given by God according to the above Scripture has always been  to intercede for ALL leaders in authority, regardless of whatever opinions we may have regarding them.

Irrespective of people’s opinions of the new president, this much is a surety: God, in His foreknowledge knows that the new president will fulfil His purposes, and even more so he will fulfill His purposes primarily with the nation of Israel  moving forward. We must continue to pray even more so.

Again, if you are a student of the Bible and understand Bible prophecy Israel has a major role to play in the end-times. Heck, if you have some knowledge of the Bible, it should have provided you some hope to see that both leaders were sworn and made their oaths with their hands firmly placed on the Bibles of former presidents Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln that were opened to 2 Chronicles 7:14:

2 Chronicles 7:14—If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

That being said, it was interesting to note that at the inauguration, five of the six members of the clergy ushering in the new president have strong ties to Israel.

It can be said that the USA will begin giving Israel the respect and attention it has not received over the past 8 years. Actually, I believe almot SEVENTY years of mistreatment of Israel are going to be reversed. SEVENTY years takes us back to 1947!

Interesting to note that it was SEVENTY nations that were represented at the recent internationl gathering of nations that met in France. SEVENTY is also the number of nations and languages that were the origin of all nations of the world today. So, SEVENTY can be interpreted as  a reference to the nations of the whole world.

The SEVENTY nations met to sign an anti-Israel agreement, which I believe will now ultimately lead to  a final showdown that pits the nations of the world against Israel. 

Speaking of SEVENTY, the number SEVENTY is the number of the restoration of Israel, and is also seen many times in relation to punishment. The meanings of SEVENTY are “completeness” and “judgement”. Again, it is related to the punishment and restoration of Israel.

 2017 is the SEVENTIETH anniversary of UN resolution 181 in 1947, again paving the way for Israel’s statehood in 1948. All this ironically, is ultimately leading up to the SEVEN year Tribulation period otherwise known as the SEVENTIETH Week of Daniel:

Daniel 9:24-27Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy. 25 Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times. 26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined. 27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

The meeting in Paris comes after the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 2334, making it unlawful for Jews to live in Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights area, and Hebron. The resolution also grants a religious monopoly on the Temple Mount and the Western Wall to Islam. Notice this verse in the Bible:

Revelation 11:1-2-—And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.2 But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.

This resolution has already declared sovereignty of the Temple Mount towards Islam. The next verse introduces the ministry of the Two witnesses, Elijah and many believe Moses, or even Enoch. In addition, it states that the Holy City (Jerusalem ) will be trampled under the foot of the gentiles for 42 months (3 1/2 years). This is referred to as “Tribulation Period” talk. But before that comes to pass, the Church will be caught up in the Rapture. I am not going to debate the issue of whether this event is “pre,” or “mid-,”, but for a surety it is not “Post-.” The Bible informs us of how this all ends. Somewhere, possibly in the middle, possibly not, that which restrains the bride of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, will be taken out of the way, and it will all get usurped by an impostor, otherwise known as the Anti-Christ. As Jack Palance would say, “Believe it,………..or not.” I suggest you believe it.

However, for some reason and for a season if you will, it appears as if God has intervened to raise a very strategic ally for Israel, especially at a time when this ally appeared to be on a fast track to become Israel’s enemy as well. This will ultimately come to pass as the Bible states tht ALL nations will come to battle against Jerusalem.

Romans 9:17--For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might shew my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth.

You see, God’s purpose is to “declare His name in all the earth”.  In the tribulation period, this too will be done through the Jews. In the Scripture above, it was ironically done through Pharaoh. God even used Cyrus the King to ultimately help rebuild the temple in Jerusalem when the Jews came out of Babylonian captivity:

Ezra 5:9 -15–Then asked we those elders, and said unto them thus, Who commanded you to build this house, and to make up these walls? 10 We asked their names also, to certify thee, that we might write the names of the men that were the chief of them. 11 And thus they returned us answer, saying, We are the servants of the God of heaven and earth, and build the house that was builded these many years ago, which a great king of Israel builded and set up. 12 But after that our fathers had provoked the God of heaven unto wrath, he gave them into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, the Chaldean, who destroyed this house, and carried the people away into Babylon. 13 But in the first year of Cyrus the king of Babylon the same king Cyrus made a decree to build this house of God. 14 And the vessels also of gold and silver of the house of God, which Nebuchadnezzar took out of the temple that was in Jerusalem, and brought them into the temple of Babylon, those did Cyrus the king take out of the temple of Babylon, and they were delivered unto one, whose name was Sheshbazzar, whom he had made governor; 15 And said unto him, Take these vessels, go, carry them into the temple that is in Jerusalem, and let the house of God be builded in his place.

Isaiah 44:24-28—Thus saith the Lord, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the Lord that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself; 25 That frustrateth the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad; that turneth wise men backward, and maketh their knowledge foolish; 26 That confirmeth the word of his servant, and performeth the counsel of his messengers; that saith to Jerusalem, Thou shalt be inhabited; and to the cities of Judah, Ye shall be built, and I will raise up the decayed places thereof: 27 That saith to the deep, Be dry, and I will dry up thy rivers: 28 That saith of Cyrus, He is my shepherd, and shall perform all my pleasure: even saying to Jerusalem, Thou shalt be built; and to the temple, Thy foundation shall be laid.

In these verses above, and there are many more examples, we see that God does not only always use the righteous to do His will.

God’s purposes will be done. In light of what has happened with the change of administration there is a strong implication for an end time presence of the United states as she stands with Israel. How long this will will last only remains to be seen. 

The moving of the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem very well could be the Hot Button. Israel is of course  being the main Time Clock, yet it sure seems that all the surrounding nations are ready to attack Israel — except Jordan. The moving of the Embassy has been declared to be a Red Line by Jordan. King Abdullah may have zero alternative options once that happens.

The Vatican has recently opened an Embassy in East Jerusalem, which we already know has been the subject of disputed Palestinian territory. The Vatican has most certainly cast their lot in with the Palestinians and confirmed their enmity to God and His plans as they too have been preparing for their role to divide Jerusalem! In a reciprocal move, last week the Palestinians opened an Embassy right inside the Vatican. At that inauguration, the PA leader told Pope Francis that Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinians.


Because the United States now appers to have a leader and co-leader who seem determined to exercise various measures in line with God’s word, this does not in any ways mean that the nations of the world let alone the inhabitants of this country and the nations of the world will celebrate and come to a mutual agreement. It means conflict is coming, 

Sadly, God’s word being fulfilled on Israel will be hated and rejected by much of the church. The liberal media, Islam and the unsaved will always stand against God in these things. As I have said before, I also believe and am grieved at the notion that there is a great divide coming not only over the issue of Jerusalem, not only within this nation, but ultimately within the Body of Christ. I believe the sifting of the wheat and the tares has begun:

Matthew 13:24-20—Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: 25 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. 26 But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. 27 So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares? 28 He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? 29 But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.


We have entered a time when  Satan will soon create war so that he can make “peace” and deceive the world! It means we are about to see Jerusalem in conflict, the Temple rebuilt and the nations of the world becoming supernaturally enraged againstin relation to Israel like never before.

This also means that the Church Age (“HE THAT HATH AN EAR LET HIM HEAR…”) is rapidly coming to a close and the fullness of the Gentiles is fast approaching which also means we are close to the veil of spiritual blindness being lifted from the eyes of the Jews much faster as

Romans 12:25-32—For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in. 26 And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: 27 For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins. 28 As concerning the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, they are beloved for the father’s sakes. 29 For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. 30 For as ye in times past have not believed God, yet have now obtained mercy through their unbelief: 31 Even so have these also now not believed, that through your mercy they also may obtain mercy. 32 For God hath concluded them all in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all.

Sad to say this also means that a great proportion of the church will fall for the multitude of deceptions that are being unfurled at a breakneck speed. Satan indeed knows that his time is short.

The ultimate authority is not Left or Right, or what I perceive or what you perceive. Ultimately it comes down to what is written in the Bible.

Period. And regardless of what is forthcoming, God STILL is sitting on the throne of the Universe and when it is all said and done, not yours, not mine but HIS will will be done.


Bible Prophecy

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